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We are committed to the thoughtful,
cost-effective use of information technology.

At Resource Strategies, (RSI), we know that information technology is a means to business objectives. Down time, an unhappy end-user community, and excessive support and maintenance costs affect the bottom-line. They can also prevent you from being proactive and planning for the future.

RSI consultants have the expertise and experience to both appreciate the ultimate business purposes of your IT strategy and assist you with day-to-day operations. Our mission is to help you get the job done in a timely manner and to make sure your systems work right the first time they come online. We understand Total Cost of Ownership principles, so we will assist you in reducing costs for hardware, software and staffing.

Resource Strategies is committed to the thoughtful, cost-effective use of information technology. Our team brings decades of experience to each project – experience not just in IT, but in business. Our expertise will help you increase reliability and end-user satisfaction, reduce hardware and support costs, and develop creative solutions to existing problems.

Our team of professionals are experienced in all levels of networking and communications applications and services: voice, video, and data. Whether your needs are local, national, or international, RSI will cost effectively leverage technologies for your specific business requirements. At RSI, we take the “least risk to business” approach to IT seriously.

Resource Strategies can assist you in enhancing reliability, reducing costs, and optimizing the use of your resources with:

  • Discovery Assessment
  • Technology Standards
  • Technology Migration
  • New Technology Implementation
  • Infrastructure Planning and Design
  • Supplemental Staffing
  • Outsourcing IT Operations
  • Process Documentation
  • Web Development & Hosting
  • Process Re-Engineering
  • VoIP Implementation
  • Security Assessments

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